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supplied easily. These factors probably made Hima-Iru relations tole▓rable, but they were nonetheless reinforced by the sup

erior military organization and train▓ing of the Hima.Marriage and FamilyI▓n Ankole Kingdom, by the time girls turne


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d eigh▓t or nine, particularly among the Bah▓ima "herds men," preparations for mar

riage began. They we

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re no longer free to run and play without discipline. Girls were mostly kep▓t indoors, where they ate beef and mill

et porridge and were forced to drink milk in lar▓ge quantities so they would become fat.Being fat is associat

ed with beauty and dri

lation was muc

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nking milk is believed to contribute to one's

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beauty. As soon as a girl's breasts emerge

opulation, gif

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, she is warned by her parents to abstain from

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